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Smart warehouse tech

In a complex world, use SIMPLE to solve your problems
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Optimising warehouse performance

Cloud computing, multi-channel sales and big data are the questions. Can your warehouse supply the answers?

SIMPLE is our warehouse optimisation tool. It works with your existing systems (including MyCCL) to deliver better performance and give you more control of your warehouse operations

Whether you’re running a small stockroom or multiple warehouses in different locations, SIMPLE could boost your operational warehouse efficiency by up to 25%

Holding 1000s of SKUs, SIMPLE can….

  • Help automate and manage your Goods In process
  • Enhance and reduce time for picking and dispatch
  • Improve stock control and inventory levels accuracy
  • Provide live warehouse status updates
  • Improve customer communication and service
  • Give you access to added-value insights and analytics to help you identify areas for warehouse performance improvement
  • Be up and running after just an hour’s training

Some things you can do with SIMPLE

  • Use barcode data capture to reduce manual entry
  • Create dynamic wave picking for multiple orders showing the shortest walk route to pick items
  • Create and use electronic documentation
  • Integrate your warehouse management system directly with the carriers you plan to use for shipping
  • Produce shipping labels automatically in batches or as required
  • Create and issue eMail customer notifications
  • Access a full audit trail and activity reports for all orders
  • Integrate to your ERP system to automatically extract data reducing manual entry and human errors

Optimise your warehouse performance

  • Improve operational efficiency by up to 25%
  • Picking error alerts automatically provided before dispatch so you can amend before it leaves
  • Live and precise status of your inventory and stock levels
  • Complete visibility of work-in-progress and work load to forecast and resolve warehouse bottlenecks
  • End-to-end traceability for all orders enabling ISO certification
  • Configure SIMPLE to your business – centralised warehouse, multiple locations or for distributor networks
  • Move your entire warehouse process from paper to online, avoiding having to write down batch codes by hand etc

What our customers say….

  • It helps our warehouse team to check that the right parts have arrived and the right parts are leaving with far less effort than doing this manually
  • Our estimate is in excess of 25% operational efficiency savings in the warehouse, but the reality is that there are so many other benefits of SIMPLE that dwarf the operational efficiency. It’s the customer experience, and the customer’s trust in our systems. It’s a great brand enhancer
  • SIMPLE has enabled us to attain recognised world-class warehouse operational standards in terms of inventory accuracy, shipment accuracy and operational efficiency. The benefits are being seen throughout the company and our customers are very happy
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