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Tailoring MyCCL for your business

We know that all businesses don’t work the same way
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Making it work for you

Manage your communication settings, set up user preferences and control access levels for different teams. You’re in control of the carriers on your account – switch them on and off whenever you wish

Give your customers a delivery experience to remember with branded dispatch email alerts and SMS notifications so they never miss a delivery

Multi-Carrier Management

  • MyCCL includes integration with 8 parcel carriers
  • Choose which and how many carriers you use at any time
  • Decide which users or departments can access which carriers
  • View the active daily collections on your account
  • Hide prices in logins where this level of detail isn’t required
  • Decide whether or not to have international shipping switched on or off for certain carriers
  • On an order by order basis, control which carrier and service options are visible to you
  • Choose to use our account number or your own

Making it even quicker to use

  • Set your preferences for the booking screen and your invoices, to get them the way you want them
  • Define default item sizes for regular products
  • Configure pre-set sizes if you have a range of boxes
  • Control the description of goods used on the booking screen
  • Add default special instructions to each booking
  • Control whether branded dispatch emails are on or off
  • Manage invoicing; all orders, by purchase order, order by order
  • Tailor what you see on your weekly/monthly invoice

Create your own customer experience

  • Customise dispatch email alerts choosing from 4 templates
  • Add your company logo and 3 URLs to drive traffic back to you
  • Reduce WISMO (where is my order?) calls by allowing your customer to pro-actively track their shipment from collection to delivery
  • Set up branded text message alerts with certain carriers to reduce the number of delivery attempts
  • Provide a 1-2 hour delivery window to your customers to save them waiting in all day for their order

Communication settings

  • Control your communication preferences as your shipments progress from collection through to delivery
  • Manage your email alerts for tracking updates, PODs and messages from CCL
  • Switch alerts on and off at the click of a button
  • Choose to receive the alerts for all shipment types or a select few, based on your job role
  • Turn on notifications for problem shipments and pro-actively contact your customer before they call you
  • Manage the communication preferences of your team members dependent on job role

You and the users in your business

  • We give you the flexibility to control what you see on your login and what your team can see based on their job role
  • Master user facility to define and manage user settings for others
  • Create logins and access levels per branch, team, job role
  • Decide who is authorised to create your customs paperwork
  • Select which users can choose where to bill duties and taxes
  • Control who has access to financial information and reports
  • Set up email alerts for yourself and your team members
  • Reset passwords for team members

Explore our technology

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