myCCL now has One Click Dispatch

If you’re manually processing orders on one or more systems One Click Dispatch will save you time and money. Reduce dispatch time by up to 90% by streamlining the label generation process through our multi carrier logistics platform, myCCL. One Click Dispatch enables seamless label generation to improve efficiencies and eliminate manual errors

The benefits of using One Click Dispatch

  • Reduce manual work and errors - automatically, transfer your order data to myCCL in XML or CSV format
  • Reduce shipping costs – access our discounted rates with the UK’s leading logistics suppliers and use preset business rules to choose least cost carrier and service
  • Multi carrier shipping – access multiple carrier and service options, to ship within the UK, Europe and Worldwide, all managed through one dedicated relationship
  • Generate a label in one click - if all the data is correct simply scan a picklist or delivery note with your barcode scanner and a label will
    automatically print
  • Prompt to fill in data if required – if data is required myCCL will highlight what is needed and there is the ability to switch to manual Quote & Book if required
  • Quick and easy to set up – get set up and start shipping within days
  • Flexible business rules - set up based on your requirements and eliminate manual job-by-job decision making
  • Configure dispatch layout – set up to speed up your dispatch process
  • Print Manager – automate label printing to a printer of your choice
  • Ship internationally – use our logistics services to expand your business overseas – create commercial invoices with ease
  • Simple carrier management – add, remove and switch carriers – no need for multiple integrations and relationships – we do all that for you

Contact us today to start using One Click Dispatch