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Tech-driven intelligent reporting

MyCCL turns your shipping data into useful insights to help improve
the performance of your business
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The devil is in the detail

We understand that trying to pull together data from multiple logistics providers can be a nightmare. With MyCCL, it’s easy. You can access and analyse all of your shipping data in one place, even if you’re using your own vehicles and your own account numbers

Delivery Performance and Shipping costs

  • View your logistics spend and shipment volumes in one report
  • View the total and average spend and number of shipments sent in the last 12 months across all carriers and services
  • View the number of shipments delivered on time/not yet delivered
  • See reasons why deliveries not made/on time
  • Click-through on each delivery to see more detail
  • View ‘on time delivery performance’ as a %
  • Analyse by Delivery Zone, Country, Shipment Type or Customer
  • Switch between spend and volume in one click
  • Review most used services and countries you’re shipping to

All the data you need

  • View raw shipping data matched to your invoice each week or month at the click of a button
  • Download a csv file of all your shipments by data range
  • Manipulate the data in any way you like, analysing costs by country, customer or kg
  • Upload data into your own system for more granular analysis
  • View the data with or without pricing information

Customer information and cost recovery

  • Do you know which customers you ship to the most? MyCCL can show you without having to run any reports
  • View all customers on one screen - alphabetically or by spend/volume
  • View spend and number of shipments per customer
  • Combine all the data from all your users in one report
  • Identify where you could reduce spending by consolidating customer shipments or changing your shipping charges model
  • See how much you’re recouping from your customer
  • MyCCL sets customer shipping charges off against your shipping costs – so you can see how much you’re recovering
  • View the recovery by carrier, country, delivery zone, shipment type or by customer

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