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We stand out for all the right reasons

From day one we knew you needed someone acting and thinking differently
We look at the marketplace from your perspective, not ours
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A recipe for outstanding customer service

We believe there is no more important aim in business life than making your customers happy. Our customers tell us every day just how important providing first-class customer service is to their businesses

Our people are at the heart of making this happen for you. We will go the extra mile, we will find great solutions and if things do go wrong, we’ll take responsibility to fix them quickly

It isn’t just about the first time you deal with us where you’ll feel the CCL difference – it’s about every little thing we do for you throughout the day, every day

Having been a logistics customer ourselves, we understand what you need. The CCL recipe for customer service is all about putting you first and delivering on the promises we make

Our people live and breathe these...

  • Passion for what we do – we love what we do and try to be brilliant
  • Integrity at all times – live in the customer’s shoes and do the right thing
  • Attitude – value and respect everyone, listen first, act second
  • Service – live up to what you say you’ll do and keep your promises
  • Innovation – make things better, all the time, even little things
  • Responsibility – make every penny count, treat your customer’s money like your own

Our guiding principles (we hold ourselves up to high standards)

  • Be honest, enthusiastic and knowledgeable
  • Provide what you say you will, when you will
  • Be proactive, take ownership for what your customers want or need
  • Deal with problems head-on, take responsibility
  • Go the extra mile, make a difference for your customers, help them succeed
  • Take time to do things right, communicate early and well
  • Seek expert support from the rest of the team if you need it

Some of the things we do for you (those little things that make all the difference)

  • We take responsibility for the delivery of your goods and products – whichever carriers you might be using. We put things rights if they go wrong
  • This isn’t a 9 to 5 business, if you need urgent help out-of-hours we have people on call ready to assist
  • You’ll know the exact status of all your shipments at any time – either through our MyCCL portal or from our Customer Operations team who track the progress of shipments
  • If there are forms to be completing for booking shipments, we’ll talk you through anything that’s unclear to help get it right first time
  • We’ll only invoice you once you have proof of delivery (POD), so you know your shipments have been delivered before you make payment
  • Customer care is a core part of our culture – we proactively call all our customers throughout the year to make sure everything is going well

And we don't stop there...

  • We treat complaints as Customer Improvement Opportunities – we review every piece of feedback to see how we can change our service and processes to make things better
  • Whilst we’re sorting out your shipment solutions, we will also look for better ways to do things for you – if we can find one, we’ll let you know
  • It’s a complex world and to we understand that to prosper you might need some help. Our logistics and technology experts are there to support and guide you
  • We answer the phone quickly and if the person you want isn’t there, we’ll try to help - we will always call you back
  • If you call and we need to seek help from someone else in CCL, we eMail the request immediately to that person – and make sure it is dealt with quickly
  • We track everything and proactively spot when things aren’t going as planned – our aim is to find a solution and get it in place before it affects you or your customers
  • Tell us what you think about us – each year we carry out ‘Happiness Reviews’ with customers to find out whether we are delivering what they need and to see if we can do things even better

But don’t take our word for it…

We take enormous pride in the quality of service we provide to you. We don’t claim that it’s a 100% perfect, but have a growing reputation for delivering outstanding service.

Across the whole spectrum of businesses we serve, our customers tell us we’re getting it right - take a look at what they say, and meet the team that do it

Want to experience outstanding customer service?

Call us to find out more