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We care about the planet
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Environmentally friendly logistics and distribution for your company

By using CCL for your deliveries, be it parcels, pallets or international freight, you know that you are working with the UK's first logistics company to achieve a Carbon Positive Footprint

This means that you can truly offer your customers eco-friendly deliveries, demonstrating that the green ethos runs seamlessly through your company

Many companies now strive to incorporate environmental policies throughout their entire business, particularly those companies selling organic or green products. Being Green is about more than simply the products you sell, it also about the way that you do business, how and where you source your products, the packaging, and also the deliveries

And because the use of transport is frequently viewed by the public as one of the biggest contributors towards climate change it is important for retailers to show that logistics is one of the areas that they have taken action in to minimise the environmental impact of their business

When you do business with CCL you can demonstrate to your customers that your green ethos runs seemlessly through your company. Consumers are becoming more aware of the enviromental impact of their purchases, and do look beyond the products and at the packaging, logistics and distribution choices that their retailers use

CCL is firmly committed to showing the greatest respect for the environment and playing every part it can in the reduction of global warming – the greatest threat to the world today

CCL believes that even the transport and logistics industry can operate in an eco-friendly and environmentally considerate manner

CCL is proud to have become the first logistics provider to achieve a “Positive Carbon Footprint” Certification

We in financed the planting of sufficient trees in Scotland to balance and indeed outweigh our CO2 production

Trees are the lungs of the world, breathing in harmful CO2 and breathing out oxygen. At a time when the world’s forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate, it is vital that we attempt to redress the balance