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Welcome to the perfect package

Bespoke packaging designed for your precious cargo
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Whatever you need to send, box clever

Highly fragile, shock sensitive, temperature controlled, hazardous or just a plain awkward shape, we’ll use the right materials, packing techniques and sealing methods to make sure your precious goods are safe, secure and protected for shipping

We know that if a customer receives damaged goods, it’s your reputation that’s on the line. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. Whether you’re exporting or delivering within the UK and no matter what the form of transport, we’ll design a bespoke packing solution for you. Your goods will arrive in the same condition they left

Export Packing (and in the UK)

We choose the packaging materials and design specifically to meet the job at hand. From wooden crates and plastic pallets, to corrugated cardboard and even bespoke materials if needed, we’ll ensure your goods are fully secure. We also protect your goods from all forms of corrosion, moisture - salt water from rough seas or torrential rain while being loaded onto a plane

On Site Packing

Sometimes it’s a lot easier if we come to you. We’ll visit your site, measure up your goods, design and organise the packaging required, return with what’s needed and pack everything for you. No fuss, no stress, just an efficient and personal service at your own premises

Antiques and Fine Art

With years of packing experience and knowledge we know exactly how to protect valuable and delicate pieces of Antiques and Fine Arts. We deal with several leading auction houses already and have built up a great reputation within the industry. We provide a ‘no obligation’ quote based on auction house catalogue number so you can take this into account before you decide on your maximum bid


We provide a first-class motorcycle packing service. We have packed all makes and models of motorbike; from the modern Ducati to vintage Lee Enfields. We’re trusted by many of the big brands in the industry including the Moto GP Petronas Team. We can collect your bike and make custom crates and protection to ensure it arrives at its destination in pristine condition

Dangerous Goods

We can manufacture packing cases and crates to comply with all Dangerous Goods Regulations. We also provide hazardous packing services that include many types of freight for export around the world and shipping within the UK. And we can also help with Dangerous Goods Notes (DGN) paperwork

Onward Shipping

Wherever your goods are going, we can also arrange shipping if you wish. No matter how they must travel – by road, air or sea – we’ll organise safe, efficient and cost-effective transportation through our pallet / haulage or freight forwarding services

Other specialist items

We believe we can design and build a packing solution for pretty much anything

We’ve yet to find a challenge we haven’t been able to meet!

Over the years we’ve helped our customers with many types of goods; electronic equipment, machinery of all shapes and sizes, furniture, grandfather clocks, musical instruments and exhibitions stands

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Want to make sure your package arrives perfectly?

Call us - we can design a solution for anything