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Adding value beyond price

Price is what you pay, value is what you get
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Save money and time, measure performance

Doing more with less, protecting the business against uncertainty, managing cashflow and measuring business performance. We understand that these are some of your key challenges. Whilst we can’t solve them all, as your trusted logistics partner, we can help put a dent in them

Our people are committed to going the extra mile for you. We offer an unrivalled choice of services and access to an unlimited range of carriers. Our single-view technology platform has been designed to remove burdensome paperwork, save time and allow you to drill into your complete logistics costs base in gruesome detail

Save Money

  • Our aim is to help you reduce the total cost of doing business
  • Through our relationships with major carriers, you get access to our leveraged pricing opportunities and economies of scale across your complete logistics requirements
  • Access to an unbiased and unrivalled choice of carriers, ensuring you get value for money for both inbound and outbound shipments
  • Your team won't need to spend time hunting out and managing the best logistics deals for you – we do it for you
  • No technology costs – our platform is provided free of charge
  • One set of flexible credit terms – we’ll work with you to agree the most suitable arrangements for your business. And you only have to do that once with us rather than with each carrier you use

Save Money

  • We can configure your services to get you the lowest cost routing of shipments based on deadline or budget
  • Cutting edge, single-view technology platform that significantly reduces labour costs – everything is under one roof
  • Using our advanced analytical reporting tools, you can easily identify opportunities to reduce spend (e.g. moving to a timed delivery proposition from next day)
  • Deploy pre-defined business rules to ensure greater control over shipping costs and removing expensive routes/methods
  • We only invoice on proof of delivery

Measuring Business Performance

  • Analyse costs and performance across departments, customers, countries, delivery zones, shipment type...
  • Identify how much of your shipping costs you recoup from customers
  • Easily identify and analyse (in depth) the activities and costs for your top 10, 20, 50 etc. customers
  • Our platform provides and combines data for all carriers you use, even including your own vehicles
  • Use MI to see whether consolidating shipments by customer, timing, location or delivery service could reduce costs
  • Integrate our platform and MI into your operating systems – either through plug-in APIs or custom-built solutions
  • Live performance dashboard telling you the state of play with all customers, orders and inbound shipments

Measuring Business Performance

  • Access to our team of experts who can help you identify potential cost reduction opportunities
  • Set up a ‘branch’ based reporting and MI framework
  • Visibility for the entire supply chain (inbound and outbound) including rend analysis reports showing shipping cost movements over time
  • Assess proportion of service types being used (timed, next day etc.) and instantly view YTD performance across the supply chain or by each delivery service you use
  • Assess delivery cost per Kg, average number of shipments made, proportion on time, number sent unnecessarily on timed services
  • Use tools to assess cost savings if you were to change your delivery approach (e.g. same day to next day etc.)

Save Time

  • Access to hundreds of carriers, but we do the hard work for you
  • Hundreds of invoices down to just one (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Full backing data available to support your one invoice
  • Amend invoice and data format to suit your needs, including show or hide postcodes, fuel surcharges as value or percentage etc…
  • 1st day of month invoicing to eliminate freight accruals
  • Coding of shipment costs to your cost centres

Save Time

  • Costs shown in chosen currencies
  • One-click Proof of Delivery -print, save or email to customer
  • Integrate your business systems with our technology and reduce potential errors by removing the need for manual data entry
  • No more tenders – your team will not have to go through the process of managing tenders for each carrier you wish to use – everything is centralised through our systems and processes

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We can help you reduce your total cost of doing business

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