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Integrate all your sales channels

Helping you to get all your platforms to work together
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One size doesn’t fit all these days

Getting all your systems to work together, maximising value through cost effective distribution and delivering an outstanding level of customer service. We know these are some of your key challenges. Whilst we can’t solve them all, as your trusted logistics partner, we can help put a dent in them

We understand that modern Ecommerce businesses need to drive both efficiency and customer service to succeed in an incredibly competitive world. Being able to offer your customers delivery choices means using a mix of different services – one solution is no longer the answer. It can be painful to get systems talking to each other

Our range of services, delivered through a single-view technology platform provide a simple and integrated solution which can take away a huge amount of that pain for you. It will allow you to join up the dots across your business

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help. Below are just some examples of where we can help Ecommerce and IT teams

Enhancing Customer Experience

  • Select which carriers you want to use to match your customer service levels and budget
  • Customise dispatch email and SMS alerts, add your branding and URLs to drive traffic back to you
  • Design the mix of delivery services and options you wish to offer your customers – one size doesn’t fit all. We work with some of the best; Whistl, UKMail, DPD, UPS, DHL, Fastway and Yodel to name but a few
  • Three returns services; (i) include a returns label with your shipment, (ii) customer calls you for a returns label or (iii) use our template email form on your website - whether in the UK or internationally
  • Analysis and data to help determine your delivery pricing strategy
  • Offer your customers a wide range of delivery options (it’s proven to increase sales conversion) – same day, timed, next day etc.
  • Our customer service team monitor your shipments to identify and warn you of problems. We’ll help you sort out any issues to keep your customers happy
  • Through our relationships with major carriers, you get access to our leveraged pricing opportunities and economies of scale across your complete logistics requirements

Platform Integration

  • Automation of your end-to-end supply chain and display real-time shipping costs as part of the checkout process
  • Integrate our platform into the marketplaces you use, e.g. Amazon, eBay – automatically import your orders to book shipping and pass back tracking data to the marketplace
  • Integrate our platform into your eCommerce software such as Magento enabling you to show all shipping options to the customer at checkout stage, book shipping through one platform
  • Use our Quote, Book and Track APIs to link our platform to yours - custom enterprise integrations available
  • Use our technology platform as the logistics module for your warehouse management or ERP system
  • Configure our platform to suit your business - define who uses what tools for which tasks and preferences to provide alerts as you want
  • Allocate access and user settings to suit your operating model
  • Manage orders from multiple marketplaces through one system
  • Live performance dashboard telling you the state of play with all outbound and inbound shipments
  • Get raw data in csv file to enable you to manipulate and analyse
  • One-click consolidation of orders going to the same address and one address book to manage and worldwide address verification

Flexibility and Choice

  • Unrivalled choice of services – mail, packets, parcels, pallets, larger/awkward items. In the UK, to Europe and across the globe
  • Ability to scale up and scale down depending on seasonality – carrier capacity is no longer an issue
  • Tailor-made solutions for larger campaigns, product offers and new product launches
  • Handle different box sizes, order volumes and international paperwork through one single-source platform
  • Manage multiple collection sites, even different days and times for each one
  • Daily and ad-hoc collections available
  • Instantly see your year to date carrier performance
  • No need to set up or integrate new carriers – all done through our platform by us
  • No need to track shipments across multiple carriers and systems, our platform does it all for you
  • View all customers on one screen
  • Modelling tools to allow you to see the impact of making changes to the delivery services you offer
  • View and select multiple carrier and service options at the time of booking, including estimated transit times

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