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How it all started

Our concept was simple - add value beyond price and
make it easy for our customers to do business
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Listening to your needs

When we started to build CCL, our first port-of-call was to talk to businesses about the logistics challenges they were facing

They told us loud and clear about what they needed


Getting access to a wide range of options and types of delivery services in one place to cover all their needs


Being able to access multiple services in one place, but also benefit from leveraged pricing across their entire portfolio of logistics requirements

Delivery Performance

Giving their customers first-class delivery service with greater confidence that goods would be delivered when expected


Using technology which linked all operating and trading systems into one user-friendly platform that enabled them to manage, view and track their entire supply chain, costs and customer service levels

A solution driven by customer needs

Based on this, we developed the concept for CCL – a one-stop logistics and technology supplier for business of all shapes and sizes


We only recruit the very best people into our teams – we invest heavily in training to ensure everyone at CCL wants to go the extra mile to make our customers happy


We have designed and built a cutting-edge technology platform which can enable you to integrate your current operating and trading systems into one solution


We offer an unrivalled selection of logistics services; from mail and parcels, pallets, haulage, warehousing solutions, specialist packing, sea and air freight, to everything in between

Carrier Agnostic

We don’t own any transport fleet, instead we search the logistics market to tailor-make a solution from our portfolio of partners to meet your budget and customer service requirements

Logistics started a very long time ago…

The human race has a long and rich history of inventing things. Since the dawn of our time we have been looking for better ways to transport goods from one place to another. Today we call this ‘logistics’

The world of logistics has evolved at an incredible rate...

The advent of online shopping in the late 1990s changed the way customers behaved – it was the decade that expectation was born. Customers wanted greater visibility, choice and certainty about when their goods would arrive

It was also the time when businesses started to get access to a worldwide supply base for raw materials and goods. The launch of Amazon and eBay fuelled the market and in 1998 Google changed the face of the way we used (and shopped) the web. The rest, as they say, is history

Other changes were happening too. The shift in global economies started to take shape. It meant that anyone could get anything from anywhere to anyone. In many ways, the world is still a huge place. In other ways, it’s become so much smaller. Unsurprisingly, businesses were looking for more choice, great service and easier ways of doing things

Logistics providers at the time were focussed on specific areas of expertise – delivery mode, type of goods, geographic regions etc. But businesses needed to serve a wider customer base that was demanding more flexibility and choice

Most importantly, business owners and management wanted to be listened to. They wanted to work with providers who understood and valued their business

So what happened next? Take a look...