Ten Minute Test

Whether you’re posting small parcels to UK customers or arranging company shipments across the world, taking the CCL Ten Minute Test could transform the way your company handles its delivery schedules.

Either on-line or over the phone take our simple TEN MINUTE TEST to outline your current and future logistics requirements and we GUARANTEE to put together a package that saves you money, improves the level of service you provide your customers… or both!
That’s because CCL is a virtual logistics supermarket, offering a wide range of top quality delivery services from market-leading logistics providers.

Many of our competitors offer just one “own brand” choice of service - in effect, a one-size-fits-all product.

At CCL there are no “own brand” solutions – just tailor-made packages to suit individual needs, at the most competitive prices.
Whether your delivery is by road, air or sea, in the UK, Europe or Worldwide, we’ll find the carrier that best suits your delivery, your deadlines and your budget.

No costly overheads. No complicated tracking procedures. No proof of delivery worries.
When company lawyer Irene in Edinburgh needed a vital document delivered overnight to London, she thought CCL!

When logistics manager George in Manchester wanted an emergency container of clothing delivered to Germany, he thought CCL.
Every day, hundreds of customers are thinking – CCL!

At CCL, we deliver solutions to every logistics problem.
Any letter, any parcel, any load.
Any time, any place, anywhere.
Our aim is to deliver on time, every time… leaving business people like Irene and George to focus on their core activities, reduce their permanent overheads and relax as they watch their delivery worries disappear.

So why not take our Ten Minute Test and you too will be thinking CCL!
Telephone 01292 310510 for your Ten Minute Test or contact us by email: sales@ccl-logistics.com