Claims | How to make a claim


Whilst CCL and your nominated carrier make every effort to ensure your shipment will arrive intact and on time, it is impossible to provide a 100% problem free service.

The following guide should help you understand the claims process.

Basic Rules
Claims can only be processed for missing or damaged consignments. No claim will be accepted for late deliveries.
Claims will not be accepted for insufficient packaging.

Claims cannot be accepted if your shipment has been signed for in good condition.
Each Carrier has different levels of compensation, clearly stated in your prices agreement, usually related to the declared weight i.e. x £s per kilo.

Some Carriers have an excess for claims.
Insurance claims will not reimburse lost profit.
Insurance claims will not reimburse consequential loss.
Ensure all original packaging is kept in case a site investigation is required.


Claims Process
Damaged shipments must be reported to CCL within two working days of delivery and missing shipments must be reported within two working days of the due date.

CCL will send you an acknowledgement letter requesting additional information including: purchase and sales invoices for the full shipment and / or part of the shipment the claim relates to, along with repair value if possible.

You must submit the supporting information within a further three working days.
CCL will then process the claim.

Claims usually take between four to eight weeks to be fully processed.
Usually claims will be settled by CCL in the form of a credit note.

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