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About ACE

Specially developed by CCL, our Advanced Customer Experience software (ACE) is the ONLY multiple carrier tracking tool that guarantees to improve your customer retention whilst reducing your overheads – or your money back.

ACE is a new and unique innovation in the logistics market place, providing you the customer with the ability to view all your shipments on-line, irrespective of the means of transport, the type of freight, or where it was shipped to and from.

Using ACE you can trace the status of your deliveries as they change throughout the day, guided by a simple traffic light system.
Whilst we strive to deliver 100 percent of deliveries on time, occasionally there will be unavoidable delays. ACE highlights these problem jobs in red, thus giving you early warning and allowing you to keep your clients informed – a vital element in building trust and customer loyalty.

A wonderful benefit of our ACE system is that it does away with the problem of finding and remembering tracking numbers, which traditionally have to be laboriously keyed in.



All your orders can be easily accessed online, with guaranteed Proof of Delivery and up to 12 months back records of all your PODs.
Invoices and credit notes can be viewed on screen or downloaded as a PDF.

Monthly Delivery Performance Reports are also available to be viewed on screen or downloaded as a PDF.

ACE really does empower your customer service team, despatch and accounts departments by supplying them with the transparent data to prove efficiency and plan future logistics requirements with confidence.
Our team of highly trained real-life customer service specialists are also available to give help and advice and are tasked to respond to any inquiry within 30 minutes, although in practice the response time is even shorter.

Why not call us on 01292 310510 and speak to one of our team for further information.

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